Our Partners

The following are our partners who are currently using our products. They come from different backgrounds and represent some of the most creative individuals in Indonesia.

Ivan Mario

Axioo, Koultoura, Fuga

A man whose creativity is driven by fun, and laughter and games.

Ari Amphibia

Fujifilm X Team

Fujifilm Indonesia X Team, Landscaper, Photography for fun

Benny Lim

Nomina, Juno, Junia, Sony Alpha Photographer

Benny Lim has known as one of the top wedding and kids photographer in Indonesia. Based in Jakarta, he is the brainchild and founder of NOMINA, JUNO PRODUCTION, HandsInFrame, HIFCREATIVE. Benny has also ventured into many other businesses such as the F&B and Fashion Industry.

Kevin Hendrawan

Vlogger, Influencer, Entrepreneur

Kevin Hendrawan is one of Indonesia's leading content creator, having a YouTube channel of 1 million subscribers and Instagram of 280 thousand followers. He vlogs about his daily life, produces and acts in many mini-series.

Ezron Tarigan

Youtube Content Creator

Parents of Humble Spiker and Happy Nala

Arya Dega

Youtube Content Creator

Serious Joby GorillaPod User, Drone Enthusiast, Tech Reviewer